Specialty Clinic

Specialists Travel to CMH to Care for You

The Specialty Clinic at CMH is here for your convenience.  In many cases your insurance will require a referral from your primary care provider before approving care from a specialist. Once you have received a referral, call the appropriate number listed below to make an appointment.

Each specialist sets their own appointments, follow the phone numbers provided below.

Specialty Providers:

    Dr. Nathan Richardson  |   208-239-8000
    Dr. Jeffery Stucki  |  208-235-HAND

    Sports Medicine
    Dr. Jared Kam  |   208-239-8000

    Interv Radiology
    Dr. David Shelley  |  208-785-3800

    Dr. Adam Matthews  |  208-547-4961 ext 1
    Dr. Brent Christensen  |  208-235-1777

    Dr. David Sule  |  208-233-8770

    Dr. Adam Wray  |  208-

    Centrum Hearing  |  208-232-3131

    Clinic Hours Are Dependent on Your Specialist

    The Caribou Specialty Clinic is located in the South East corner of the hospital campus near the Mountain View Dental Clinic.