Inpatient Care

A Small Facility with Big Potential

We utilize computer charting, electronic medical records, tele-medicine, and an electronic medical dispensary (Pyxis). We also have the ability to utilize “tele-pharmacy” to ensure safety and accuracy in dispensing and administering medications when our skilled in-house pharmacists are not available.

We have a full-time respiratory therapist who has brought her expertise and a variety of innovative respiratory treatments including high-flow, humidified oxygen therapies (Vapotherm), Non-invasive ventilation (Bi-Pap), Ez-Pap and Acapella, and percussive treatments. We have a ventilator for patients who temporarily need invasive ventilation because of respiratory failure. We even have an outstanding Certified Case Manager who makes setting patients up with the home oxygen, nebulizers, and durable medical equipment they need quick, easy, and worry-free for them and their families.

We have a two bed ICU (Intensive Care Unit)/CCU (Coronary Care Unit). All staff are trained in BLS (Basic Life Support), ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support). Several staff have also been trained in ECCO (Essentials of Critical Care) and FCCS (Fundamentals of Critical Care Support). Our charge nurses who care for the ICU patients also have received training at the University of Utah in their MICU (Medical ICU), SICU (Surgical ICU) and CV-ICU (Cardiovascular ICU) departments bi-annually. We also receive ongoing education in identifying and treating all cardiac rhythms.

We are able to communicate with physicians at the University of Utah via tele-med, allowing us to care for patients whose acuity would previously have required them to be transferred to a larger facility. Physicians are able to visit with our physicians, nurses, and even patients themselves via an iPad and make recommendations to help guide the course of their treatment. There is a specific tele-stroke modality. With CVA (stroke), the adage “time is brain” holds true. The sooner patients can be diagnosed and treated, the better. Patients can be seen in their home town, and receive treatment sooner, with the reassurance that our staff will do what doctors would do at a “big” hospital. If patients require treatment beyond our capacity, they will be cared for, stabilized, and promptly sent to a facility where that care can be provided.  There is also a tele-psych modality which helps patients receive the psychiatric counseling they need via iPad and where outside placement can be arranged if needed.

We have state-of-the-art monitoring systems that allow us to diagnose and care for patients with a variety of ailments.  We are skilled in caring for unstable patients requiring vasoactive drips (medications administered via IV to manage issues with heart rate, blood pressure, irregular heart rhythms, etc.) We can care for patients who need invasive monitoring, chest tubes, drains, NG tubes, catheters, etc.

We not only have the capability of performing a wide range of surgeries at our facility, but provide optimal care for these patients post-operatively, as well rehabilitative care (swing bed) for patients who have had surgeries elsewhere. These patients receive around-the-clock nursing care, as well as frequent occupational therapy, and physical therapy until they are comfortable caring for themselves at home