Outpatient Services

Quality Treatment Right Here at Home

Outpatient Services offers a multidisciplinary team of chemotherapy certified nurses, wound care nurses, and a certified respiratory therapist that work together with your provider team to provide the best possible care.   

Our infusion/injection services include a wide range of Intravenous infusions including long course antibiotic therapy, blood products, and specialty medications.  Our nurses provide evidence based maintenance of vascular access devices including central line catheters, PICC lines, Port-a-Caths, and peripherally inserted IV sites.  Intramuscular, subcutaneous, and intradermal injections are offered for screening, treatment, and management of a variety of disease processes.

For an Appointment Call: 208.547.2906

Clinic Hours:   Monday-Friday  8 AM-5 PM   

Clinic Providers:
     Dr. John Franson
     Dr. Nita Weber
     Dr. Jonathan Housley
     Brett Smith, PA-C
     Heidi Walker, PA-C
     Aaron Hobbs, C-FNP

Oncology: Dr. David Ririe  |  208-547-3118 ext 2
CMH Case Management  |  208.547.2902

The Outpatient Services Clinic is located on the ground level of Caribou Medical Center.  To visit Outpatient Services, use the CMH main entrance and check in at the Admissions window.   Then proceed to the elevators and go down to 'G'.  Once you have reached the hospital floor, Outpatient Services is across from the elevator banks, furthest door on your left.  

Secure Fax: 208.547.0701