Quality Care for Mom & Baby

Prenatal Care

You and your baby deserve the best! Choose personalized prenatal care at Caribou Medical Center.

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  • *NEW* Understanding Pregnancy eClass
  • Starting at about 28 weeks, a member of the OB team comes to your prenatal appointments
  • A member of the OB team carries an on-call phone at all times and is available to answer any questions / concerns you may have
  • *NEW* Understanding Birth eClass
  • All labor and delivery care is personalized 1-on-1 for you and your baby
  • Centralized electronic monitoring system
  • Labor Tubs / Labor Balls / Squat Bar
  • Epidurals available if desired
  • All physicians able to perform a C-section if the need arises
  • Respiratory Therapist on site if need arises for mom or baby
  • Labor/Delivery/Postpartum all in same room
  • Skin-to-skin contact after delivery is encouraged
  • Lactation Assistance if needed from a Certified Lactation Counselor

Labor & Delivery

You and your baby are our first priority! Consider all CMC has to offer when developing your birth plan.

Safe Sleep Certification

Caribou Medical Center is nationally certified as a safe sleep hospital.

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CMC supports safe sleep for infants. We're nationally certified as a safe sleep hospital.

OB Providers:
Johnathan Housley, MD
Dr. Nicolas Packer, OB/GYN
John Franson, MD

Nursing Team:
Nicole Inskeep, RN, OB Lead
Amber Young, RN
Kristi Fowler, RN, Certified Lactation Counselor

Your Care Team

All Members of the OB team are trained in NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) & ALSO
(Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics)

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Online Nursery

Did you know that CMC now has an online nursery? Say hello to our smallest patients.